“The jazz rebels” is a concert song from 35 years ago, from today, from tomorrow.

Henrik Andersen's musical career meets the theater and irony of Simona Zanini.

From blues to jazz, from Indian sounds to funky, from rap to operetta...

A jump into the past. When all you needed was a guitar and a few words that were the same for everyone.

Love, hope, anger, alliance...Music on the other hand is a beautiful story to tell.

“The jazz rebels” crosses squares like terraces, gardens like courtyards, rooms like the empty tubs of an old swimming pool...

And if you happen to meet another musician on the road, “The jazz rebels” breaks the repertoire and gambles.

Virtuosity and rhythm, lightness and percussion, melodic details and gestures of a dance that smells overseas.

“The jazz rebels” will never sound the same, yet you will feel like you know us because we sing about life.