We call ourselves Out Of The Box Teater because our dreams and visions are not shaped like squares!

OUT OF THE BOX was founded in 2021 By Simona Zanini and Henrik Andersen, and the theatre is based in Copenhagen.

We don't have our own venue but hire a theathre when we produce new plays.  We aim to produce touring shows in both Danish, English and Italian.

Both of us are trained in techniques from the classical South Indian tradition. We met each other at an Indian festival in Copenhagen in 2018, where we were giving masterclass in Konnakol and a demonstration of Bharatanatyam.


It quickly became clear that we had a lot in common and shared a burning desire to create completely new scenic expressions with these techniques that take a lifetime to master. We both also have 20 years of experience from the theater world in Italy and Denmark respectively. So we decided to research and do a lot of groundwork before we created our first performance. This resulted in a series of videos where we explored our possibilities and played with styles.   For example, these two videos below that demonstrate Simona's ability to move and dance on stilts.