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Premiere september 9th 2022

The Shape of Sound

Directed by Solveig Weinkouff

Premiere September 9th 2022 in BATIDA TEATER Copenhagen NV 

Touring in Demark i 2023 - 2024 ( Audience : from the age of 14 )

The play is about pursuing one's goals and seeing them take shape on the horizon.“The Shape Of Sound” presents dance and music at a very high technical level, and the spectacular costumes create an image-saturated universe. The performance asks the question: "What is art?" and gives rise to the audience's reflection on the question when they leave the theatre.

ON STAGE: Simona Zanini and Henrik Andersen

Manuscrip:          Henrik Andersen

Composer:           Henrik Andersen

Choreography:    Simona Zanini

Costumes:            Micaela Leonardi con Balaustio

Light design:       Sebastian Just 

"The Shape of Sound" is supported by : 



"It can be strongly recommended. I saw them this evening.

Its brave, touching, funny, thought provoking and important. Extra ordinary high level"

Boe Larsen Millhouse studio

"THEATER: We got the story of a musician's transformation from beginner to master, and along the way the audience also got an inspiring introduction to the diversity of music and how we can always discover new layers within it. It was both dance and music at a high technical level. The performance is directed by Solveig Weinkouff and can soon be experienced on tour" - #amusicaljourney Søren Kristoffer Kløft

"Haven't experienced anything like this since Peter Bastian"

DURATION:  70 minutes 

Price for 100 spectators:   2200 €

Price for 150 spectators:   3000 €

Price for 200 spectators:  4000 €

NOTICE: A discount is possible for the purchase of several performances. And it is possible for organizers to watch the entire performance on a video by sending us a mail 

Technical requirements:

Darkening 230 V current

Stage area: Width 7 metres

Stage area: Depth 6 metres

Stage area: Height 3 metres


Set design and costumes are created from recycled materials.

Lighting equipment has been donated to the show from several different sources in Danish theatres.

All this means that nothing is bought!

At the same time, the scenography is so minimal that it saves fuel. And since The Shape of Sound is being launched in 3 different languages, the show will have a long lifespan all over the world


The music is also avaible on new album

Guitarist with a.o, Michael Jakcson and Jeff Beck

Jennifer Batton writes about the music:

"Super inspiring, killer stuff!

He is so adventurous and innovative.

This music is a delight to my ears!"